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As the winter months close in on us and the weather gets colder, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas...

Although it’s only November, it is never too early to organise Christmas gifts.

As you all know, there is a lot of debate around the topic of Environment and we love the fact so many people are trying their best to be more
conscious of the environment – Our cufflinks and Pendants are perfect if you’re looking for an environmentally conscious Christmas Gift!

Along with all the environmental benefits of an upcycled gift, there is also that lovely feeling of nostalgia around our jewellery. Our coins are taken from the past and given a new life. The coins are washed by us in the workshop and then hand polished, transforming them into seemingly new and shiny coins.


 Despite their beautiful shine, there is still a unique connection to the past that our customers love.

There is an amazing sentiment and history behind all of our products that you simply cannot find elsewhere, if you decide to purchase any of our items you are guaranteed a truly one of a kind piece.


If you’re looking for an meaningful and dazzling gift as well as an environmentally conscious one this Christmas, look no further.