At we are passionate about making Sixpence Cufflinks We only use real sixpence coins, which we wash and handpolish to bring the coins bank to their former glory. We have cufflinks going back to George V. If you have seen the movie, The Kings speech, thats the guy. For anyone looking for him on a set of cufflinks, you'll find his face on the pre-1952 cufflinks.  Also, the coins contained .5 silver. After 1952, Queen Eilzabeth took over and you'll see her face on the sixpence. She is featured as a young Queen in the 1950's and 1960's.

All of the coins are inset into cufflinks, and are presented in a silver cufflinks presentation box. You can choose the Sixpence Cufflinks by year and we have them from 1928 to 1968. We only use genuine coins, and we are adding information about the year, popular culture, the music of the day for each year.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our Sixpence Cufflinks so you can purchase our cufflinks in full confidence which reduces the risk for you. We have a fast checkout system and you can check out by using Paypal or Realex. With realex you can use a debit card if you want to, Paypal is mainly for credit cards, however if you have a paypal account, it can be a faster checkout.

If you have any questions, about the Sixpence Cufflinks, you can contact us as well in the Contact Us section.

Have a look around the website, choose the year you are searching for, it could be the year you, or your brother, father, brother in law, father in law, husband, boyfriend, lover !, friend, work colleague was born or a special year for them, the year they got married, their team won the FA, the year the country won (we have 1966), or any other year, enjoy looking and Thank you for looking at our Sixpence Cufflinks