English 5p Cufflinks


30th Birthday Gift.The cufflinks are made using English 5p coins

The year on the coin you receive will be the specific year of the listing


Abbey National building society offers free shares to its 5,500,000 members.

14 January - Muslims demonstrate in Bradford against the The Satanic Verses, a book written by Salman Rushdie, burning copies of the book in the city streets.

25 January - John Cleese wins a libel case after the Daily Mirror described him as having become like his character Basil Fawlty in the sitcom Fawlty Towers.
5 February - Sky Television begins broadcasting as the first satellite TV service in Britain

14 February - Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran places a fatwa (order to kill) on author Salman Rushdie following the publication of his controversial book The Satanic Verses, which has caused outrage among the Islamic community.

23 February -
27-year-old William Hague wins the Richmond by-election in North Yorkshire for the Conservative Party following the departure of Leon Brittan to the European Commission.
Den Watts, the hugely popular character played by Leslie Grantham in the BBC's soap opera EastEnders, departs from the series (which he joined at its inception four years ago) as the character is presumably killed.
3 March - Margaret Thatcher becomes a grandmother for the first time when her daughter-in-law Diane gives birth to a son in Dallas, Texas.
4 March - Purley rail crash: two trains collide at Purley, Surrey killing six people.
7 March - Iran breaks off diplomatic relations with the UK over Salman Rushdie's controversial book The Satanic Verses.

26 March - Nigel Mansell wins the Brazilian Grand Prix.

10 April - Nick Faldo becomes the first English winner of The Masters Tournament.
14 April - Ford unveils the latest version of its small Fiesta hatchback, which is being built at the Dagenham plant in England and the Valencia plant in Spain.

16 April - Denis Howell, a former Labour sports minister, urges for the FA Cup final to go ahead this season despite consideration by the Football Association for it to be cancelled due to the Hillsborough disaster.
17 April - Home Secretary Douglas Hurd announces plans to make all-seater stadiums compulsory for all Football League First Division clubs to reduce the risk of a repeat of the Hillsborough tragedy.

- Tottenham Hotspur remove perimeter fencing from their White Hart Lane stadium as the first step towards avoiding a repeat of the Hillsborough disaster is taken in English football.
19 April
4 May - Margaret Thatcher completes ten years as prime minister - the first British prime minister of the 20th century to do so.

19 May - Walshaw Dean Lodge, West Yorkshire, enters the UK Weather Records with the Highest 120-min total rainfall at 193 mm.

26 May - Arsenal win the First Division league title against Liverpool, with a goal from Michael Thomas in the last minute of the last game of the season.

3 June - Television premiere of animated film A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit.

18 August - Manchester United chairman Martin Edwards agrees to sell the club to Michael Knighton for £10million.
20 August - Marchioness disaster: A pleasure cruiser collides with a barge in the River Thames killing 30 people..
30 August - The National Trust's house at Uppark in West Sussex is severely damaged by fire.
31 August - Buckingham Palace confirms that Princess Anne and Mark Phillips are separating after 16 years of marriage.

The England national football team qualifies for next summer's FIFA World Cup in Italy when drawing 0-0 with Poland in Warsaw.
12 October - Michael Knighton drops his takeover bid of Manchester United.
2 November - Ford Motor Company takes over Jaguar in a £1.6billion deal.
7 November
General Assembly of the Church of England votes to allow ordination of women.
Don and Roy Richardson, developers of the new Merry Hill Shopping Centre in the West Midlands, announce plans to build the world's tallest building - a 2,000 foot tower including a hotel and nightclub - on land adjacent to the shopping complex, which becomes fully operational next week after five years of gradual development.[31]
8 November - British Army and Royal Air Force troops are now manning London's ambulance services as the regular ambulance crews are still on strike.
10 November - Margaret Thatcher visits Berlin the day after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which brings the reunification of Germany forward after Germans were allowed to travel between West and East Berlin for the first time since the wall was built in 1961, and between West and East Germany for the first time since the partition of the country after the war.
14 November - The Merry Hill Shopping Centre on the Dudley Enterprise Zone in the West Midlands becomes fully operational with the opening of the final shopping mall. The development, which now employs around 6,000 people, first opened to retailers four years ago with several retail warehousing units, and has gradually expanded to becomeEurope's largest indoor shopping centre. Construction has now begun on the Waterfront office and leisure complex, also within the Enterprise Zone and overlooking the shopping centre, which will open to its first tenants next year.[32]
15 November - Scotland achieves qualification for the FIFA World Cup.
16 November - Children Act alters the law in regard to children in England and Wales; in particular, it introduces the notion of parental responsibility in access and custody matters.
21 November
The House of Commons is televised live for the first time.
Nigel Martyn, 23, becomes Britain's first £1million goalkeeper when he is transferred from Bristol Rovers to Crystal Palace.
23 November - Backbencher Sir Anthony Meyer challenges Margaret Thatcher's leadership of the Conservative Party, reportedly fearing that the party will lose the next general election after falling behind Labour in several recent opinion polls.

The Beer Orders restrict the number of tied pubs that can be owned by large brewery groups to two thousand and require large brewer landlords to allow a guest ale to be sourced by tenants from someone other than their landlord.
3 December
Margaret Thatcher, along with American president George Bush and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, declare the end of the Cold War after 40 years.
9,000 workers at British carmaker Vauxhall threaten to go on strike - a move which could end Britain's hopes of becoming to a £200million engine plant for General Motors.
A new-look Band Aid forms for a new version of the Do They Know It's Christmas? charity single for African famine relief.
5 December - Margaret Thatcher defeats Anthony Meyer in a leadership election for the Conservative Party, but 60 MPs do not vote for her.
8 December - ITV attracts a new record audience of nearly 27,000,000 for the episode of Coronation Street in which Alan Bradley (Mark Eden) is fatally run over by a Blackpool tram.
12 December - Shares in newly-privatised regional water industry utility companies (including the largest, Thames Water) achieve premiums of up to 68% in the first day of trading on the Stock Exchange.
18 December
23 December - Band Aid II gain the Christmas Number One with their charity record.
25 December - First showing of the animated film A Grand Day Out introducing the characters Wallace and Gromit.
27 December - SDP leader David Owen predicts another 10 years of Conservative rule, despite Neil Kinnock's Labour Party having a seven-point lead over the Conservatives with 46% of the vote in the final MORI poll of the decade.[24]
30 December - 22 people involved in the Lockerbie disaster are among those recognised in the New Year's Honours list, while there is a knighthoods for former Liberal leader David Steel and the actress Maggie Smith becomes a Dame. Recipients of sporting honours include the boxer Frank Bruno and the golfer Tony Jacklin, who are both credited with MBEs. UndatedInflation has increased significantly this year, standing at 7.8% - the highest for seven years.

House prices in London fall to an average of £86,800 this year - a 10% decrease on the 1988 average.
After spending most of the decade closed down, Whiteleys in London re-opens as a shopping centre.
Remains of The Rose and Globe Theatre discovered in London.


Iain Banks' novel Canal Dreams.
Julian Barnes' novel A History of the World in 10½ Chapters.
William Golding's novel Fire Down Below, third in the To the Ends of the Earth trilogy.
Mathematician Roger Penrose's book The Emperor's New Mind.
Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels Pyramids and Guards! Guards!; and The Bromeliad novel Truckers.
Rose Tremain's novel Restoration
17 February - Rebecca Adlington, 2008 Olympic gold medal winning swimmer
16 March - Theo Walcott, footballer
23 July - Daniel Radcliffe, actor (Harry Potter films)
9 November - Jennifer Pike, violinist
12 December - Harry Eden, actor