English Sixpence Cufflinks


76th Birthday Gift.The are cufflinks made real old English Sixpence, Featuring George V, the coins are made from 50% silver

The year on the coin you receive will be the specific year of the listing

1943- Information from 1943

Monarch – King George VI
Prime Minister – Winston Churchill, coalition


1 January – Utility furniture first becomes available
14 January – To counter a "serious increase" in U-boat operations the RAF switches its bombing campaign from industrial targets to U-boat bases in France attacking Lorient and Cherbourg-Octeville.
23 January – World War II: British forces capture Tripoli from the Nazis.
11 February – In the Midlothian and Peebles Northern by-election, the radical socialist Common Wealth Party candidate Tom Wintringham comes close to winning the seat.
13 February – Nuffield Foundation established by William Morris, 1st Viscount Nuffield.
3 March – Panic at the sound of new anti-aircraft rockets leads to a crush at Bethnal Green tube station, killing 183 people.
14 March – Submarine HMS Thunderbolt sunk off Sicily by an Italian corvette, the second time this vessel has been lost with all hands.
13 April – Release of the Ministry of Information film Desert Victory, which will win this year's Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.
7 May – Capture of Tunis ends the campaign in North Africa.
17 May – Operation Chastise (the 'Dambuster Raid') takes place: the Royal Air Force use bouncing bombs to breach German dams in the Ruhr Valley.
19 May – Winston Churchill addresses a joint session of the U.S. Congress.
9 July–17 August – World War II: Allied invasion of Sicily.
5 August – North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board established by Act of Parliament.
3 September–16 September – World War II: Allied invasion of Italy.
11 November – Regency Act is passed allowing Counsellors of State absent during the Sovereign's absence not to be listed among the appointments; and that the heir-apparent or presumptive to the Throne need only to be eighteen to be a Counsellor.
16 November – Total evacuation of part of the South Hams of Devon begins, to make way for rehearsal of the Normandy Landings.
22 November – World War II: War in the Pacific – US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and ROC leader Chiang Kai-Shek meet in Cairo, Egypt, to discuss ways to defeat Japan.
2 December
First "Bevin Boys" selected from conscripts to work in the coal mines.
Pigeons White Vision, Winkie and Tyke become the first recipients of the Dickin Medal, instituted to honour the work of animals in war.
December – Construction of prototype Mark I Colossus computer, the world's first totally electronic programmable computing device, at the Post Office Research Station, Dollis Hill, to assist in cryptanalysis at Bletchley Park, is completed.
undated – Anne Loughlin becomes the first trades unionist appointed DBE and the first female President of the Trades Union Congress.

1943-Videos from 1943